Guía de redes sociales para empresas de la construcción

As the 21st-century proceeds, the world moves from traditional to modern methods in all aspects. Marketing for various businesses has gone through the same journey. While billboards were a common norm for quite a while, all industries now operate on digital and social media marketing techniques to succeed.

The construction industry is among the oldest worldwide but, in some cases, has failed to adopt new techniques and materials to remain relevant. After all, regardless of the industry, everyone in today’s day and age realizes the importance of digitization – and construction is no exception.

Therefore, adopting new marketing strategies is essential in building success and adequately communicating your company’s services to your target audience. This is where social media makes a grand entrance. In the current era, most of the world population is largely dependent on social media for current affairs, information, and of course, awareness regarding different businesses.

Social media marketing is highly effective in helping construction companies evoke interest in their services, generate more leads, attract more customers, and eventually lead your business towards becoming the industry leader.

Therefore, if you wish to find a proper guide for social media marketing for your construction company, continue reading on to get all the information you need to enhance your influence and visibility on social media. You can sufficiently communicate your company’s message to your target audience through the right form of focused social media marketing.

The Art of Social Media Marketing

Before we dive into the relevance of social media to the construction industry, it is essential to know what social media marketing is.

Social media marketing is a type of digital marketing that opts for various social media platforms, including LinkedIn, Facebook, Tiktok, Instagram, etc., to establish a connection between your company and its potential customers.

This form of marketing aims to sell your services, build your brand, and adequately advertise your services. Social media platforms allow companies to target their core message to their customers in an improved way via accurate and relevant data, which lets them directly send advertisements to a particular target group.

On the contrary, traditional forms of marketing do not depend on a customer-centric strategy. They can be redundant because these marketing mediums target many people, including those who may not be interested in your services. For example, your construction company may not appeal to an individual with no need for construction in his future or present plans.

Therefore, social media operates beyond advertising and marketing while acting as a pathway to connect with your customers and followers. It helps in communicating a consistent message regarding your brand.

In other words…

  • It is a less expensive way to market your services since you are targeting people who have already shown an interest in your offer.
  • Social media allows customers and followers to connect with you on a personal level, creating loyalty and trust.
  • Your company will be more credible and trustworthy if it is active on social media platforms.
  • The use of social media marketing increases brand awareness which can result in increased profits down the line

Here’s How Social Media Marketing Can Help Your Construction Company

Whether household goods or a construction service company, social media marketing can completely turn around the method of connecting with customers. If you own a construction company, social media marketing can aid in setting a brand voice while connecting you with a large section of your audience. All of this combines to help in growing your business.

Connect With A Larger Audience

A traditional marketing campaign may lead you to get employment in certain places. However, the way social media marketing helps build your brand’s influence is unmatched. According to statistics, up to 72% of Americans are social media users, spending hours on platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn. These platforms can help your business by connecting you with a larger crowd than a traditional advertisement in the form of radio ads or TV.

An additional advantage of opting for social media marketing is data. All popular social media platforms allow customers to target a specific category of people, particularly within your target audience. This allows your advertising results to be more precise while effectively using your advertising budget.

Direct Communication With Customers

Social media provides more opportunities than simply posting about your brand. It is a medium to communicate with your potential customers directly. For example, a very simple yet creative post can generate buzz and conversations about your services or a construction project.

Social media marketing plays a major role in helping you keep your company at the top of your consumers’ minds. Even if your customers aren’t seeking to invest in a construction project, social media will help them recall your brand as soon as the need arises. A creative social media post may cause a large audience or future potential customers to remember your company, causing them to reach out to you when they require your services in the future.

Social media platforms also allow your followers to directly reach out to you for inquiries or questions regarding your company or services. Therefore, customers can directly engage in conversation with your company’s representatives to eradicate any misconceptions or confusion regarding your company’s services.

Establish A Consistent Personal And Professional Image

One of the integral goals for all companies is to establish a brand image. This automatically allows companies to set an impression on their consumers. Social media is the ideal platform to implement a company’s control of its image. Companies can present an effective stance daily, which helps them reinforce their image.

For instance, opting for a particular social media platform to introduce employees, their success stages, and overall experience reflects that the company genuinely cares for its staff members. It also shows that the hired employees must run the construction company effectively.

All these factors and means of communicating aid the company in making its customers understand their staff’s professionalism, making them feel more comfortable about investing in their services. Social media also provides the ideal opportunity to market a company as the best workplace. Therefore, a more efficient workforce may learn about the brand through social media and apply for jobs after taking note of the appreciative culture.

Keep Customers Updated

Aside from using portfolios and various online galleries, a company can also opt for social media to showcase its projects. Detailed video walk-throughs or interesting reels can help attract a larger audience to the company. Moreover, as your construction company tackles multiple projects, you can use them as a way to further market the success of your services end to end.

Communicating the projects as they multiple can also help showcase the diversity of services aside from sharing effective craftsmanship through the details of each project. Social media marketing can also act as a push toward becoming the industry leader through various consumer-centric content. For example, you can post tutorials featuring intriguing updates or new techniques to aid those directly impacted by them.

In other words…

  • Reach more customers through social media platforms
  • Precise targeting allows for better use of the advertising budget
  • Influence people to take action through influential marketing
  • Increase customer engagement and interaction
  • Direct communication with customers provides transparency and clarification
  • Respond to customer inquiries promptly for better customer service
  • Improve brand image and reputation
  • Showcase diversity of services through project walk-throughs and reels
  • Help communicate projects as they come in to showcase success further
  • Share effective craftsmanship through interesting details of each project
  • Post tutorials featuring intriguing updates or new techniques

How To Use Social Media To Improve Your Construction Business

Adapting to social media trends and hopping onto the art of social media marketing can wind up making your business incredibly successful. There are various methods to make the process ideal and consistent so that your construction company’s impact is as large as possible. The following recommendations can help improve your construction business thoroughly:

Set Specific Social Media Goals

It is important to know your end goal. Does your plan consist of attracting more traffic to your construction website? Or is the aim to reach a wider audience with specific information?

Smart goals are an important factor for all companies. Therefore, setting specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound goals ensures that a company can meet them more effectively. For example, “increase followers” may be a less effective goal than “increase followers by 10% per month”. Setting specific social media goals like this will ensure that all your posts focus on your primary purpose.

Create A Schedule And Plan For Your Posts

Discipline makes everything extensively better. Therefore, your company will likely benefit if your construction company creates a thorough posting plan that aligns with your goals. Moreover, it would help if you abode by your posting schedule for the utmost efficiency of marketing operations.

Your posting plan doesn’t need to be inflexible and firm. On the contrary, you should be open to adjusting it according to what works best for your company. Marketing is all about adapting to changes and consumer preferences.

Therefore, adapting to the dynamic world will ensure that your social media marketing strategies appeal to your target audience. However, a consistent and thorough schedule and plan will keep you moving in the right direction because you’ll have better control over what to post and when.

Diversify Your Content

Standing out is incredibly difficult in this highly competitive world. However, it is also essential for you to make your brand stand out and remain exclusive. Since construction is a typical niche genre within social media, it can be difficult to work with. However, this does not mean you can’t make your construction business interesting. When it comes to social media, the sky is the limit. The goal is to appeal to your audience through unique and creative content.

For example, your construction company can work on sharing important information on techniques or materials, showcasing their recent projects, giving your customers a tour through your staff’s favorite work items, involving them in the new truck’s inauguration, and connecting with your customers by introducing your employees.

High engagement is essential in the world of social media. Your potential customers and followers should be able to relate, understand, and admire your posts. This is only possible if they find your content useful yet engaging. Your social media presence has to go beyond showcasing wonderful projects. On the contrary, it needs to be able to develop a deep-rooted connection with your followers.

Keep Track Of Your Competitors’ Posting Habits

An extensive competitive analysis is essential in highly competitive business industries like construction. Therefore, it is crucial to follow the work of your competitors, gain inspiration, and track the type of posts that work best for them. This will help you gain an advantage by taking note of their habits, analyzing what they’re missing, and strategizing to offer potential customers just that.

While tracking your competitors’ social media, it is also a good idea to look at their followers and perhaps follow their pages to let them know about the existence of your business and your page. Bear in mind that keeping track of your competitors isn’t merely for detective work, but it also aids in helping you build a wide community.

If you wish to stand out from the crowd further, some words of encouragement while interacting with their content can do wonders. This automatically presents an optimistic point of view regarding your company.

In other words…

  • Set effective, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound goals
  • Having a social media marketing plan will help your construction company stay on track and focused
  • A flexible social media marketing plan can easily adapt to changes in the industry and keep you ahead of your competition
  • Consistent posting will create a lasting impression with potential customers and keep you top-of-mind
  • Establish your company as an industry leader through thought-provoking content
  • Garner customer loyalty and encourage word-of-mouth marketing
  • Keep an eye on your competition and see what works best for them
  • Gain inspiration from their posts to create better content for your page

Consistently Engage With Your Followers

Interaction with your followers is one of the most important rules of social media. Like a business with assets, a construction company’s social media assets are its followers. Keeping them in the loop through constant interaction and engagement can benefit you immensely.

This thorough interaction can help boost your posts significantly to the algorithm. Therefore, having your social media representative thoroughly reply to direct messages and comments is a good idea because this also reflects on the company’s customer service.

Moreover, informing your followers that human beings rather than robots handle your social media adds credibility to your brand. Eventually, your ability to cater to your customers through interaction and your company’s warm demeanor will automatically create a lasting and fulfilling impression on potential clients. This may eventually generate more leads while increasing your follower count.

Give Credit To Your Collaborator

Keeping an open mind and heart when giving credit reflects wonderfully on your construction company. Therefore, if you’re posting about a particular project that requires numerous companies or people to complete, your company’s page should tag all who had a role to play in it.

It would be best if you shared successful project completion through appreciation and acknowledgment for all who played their part. Moreover, tagging them on your posts will increase your company’s reach because their followers will also be able to see your page and content.

Hop Onto The Hashtag Trend

Hashtags have been all the rage for over a decade, and there is an important reason behind that reality. Besides being chic and adding to the charm of social media, these hashtags regulate the social media algorithm so you can share your content with new users. Using them as leverage to expand your reach can be immensely beneficial.

Your hashtags should be relevant to your content and your overall company. Moreover, reinforcing your company’s image and stance through creative hashtags can largely intrigue your followers. Adding diversity and changing the hashtags as you continue to post ensures higher brand awareness and more consideration towards investing in your company by paying for your services.

Stay Resilient

This recommendation may seem basic, but it is thoroughly important to implement it in the art of social media marketing. It is difficult for companies to emerge as successful social media stories. Most influencers or people who attempt this fail due to the extreme competition on social media these days. Businesses are an entirely different story.

However, the key factor is your company’s ability to stay resilient and not give up no matter its setback. Therefore, if your company offers value, is consistent in its goals and strategies, and remains on track while adapting to changes, it may eventually emerge as one of the top brands in terms of awareness.

Therefore, the more aware your potential customers are about your brand, the more likelihood there is of your business’s success. This high brand awareness can lead to bigger jobs and immense customer loyalty, sometimes even before they invest in your services.

In other words…

  • Boost your posts to the algorithm with constant interaction
  • Reply to comments and messages for credible customer service
  • Increase reach by tagging other companies/individuals in your social media posts
  • Show appreciation and acknowledgment for all who played their part in a successful project
  • Hashtags make your posts more visible to potential followers
  • Creative hashtags can intrigue followers and lead to conversions
  • Stay ahead of the competition by being active on social media


Social media marketing carries all the buzz in today’s era. This form of marketing, especially for construction companies, can be best described as a marathon. However, the result is worth the effort through consistency and creativity.

When businesses can leverage various social media platforms, they can benefit from a wider reach for their business by building recognition for their brand and instilling trust within their customers, which remains difficult through traditional marketing methods such as yard signs, billboards, and banners.

The primary goal is to remain active while staying relevant. Your construction company’s post should reflect your business’ ability to cater to a particular customer’s needs. Moreover, there are numerous ways of appealing to your target audience through the image your company puts out and the impression it maintains. Social media acts as the perfect medium to implement this.