Case Study: Major Organic Traffic for Job Board (150,000 Visitors in First 2 Year)

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It’s no secret that organic traffic is the lifeblood of most websites. And when it comes to job boards, this is especially true.

Organic traffic can be a bit elusive, however. You have to work hard to earn it; it doesn’t always come easy. But when you finally start seeing those results, it can be a real game-changer for your business.

This case study will look at how we grew one job board’s organic traffic from 0 to 145,000 visitors in its first two years.

Website: Archareer
Industry: Architecture and Design
Products & Services: Job postings, portfolio & resume templates
Budget: $4,000 on content creation

Results: 145k organic visitors from Google in its first two years, or 81% of total traffic. From those visitors, they contributed to 55% of total transactions. This attracted significant architecture firms as job posters, including GGLO and Gensler.

Archareer is a new job board for architects and designers, founded in early 2018. When they approached us, they had no traffic and no jobs posted. Their site was so new that it wasn’t even indexed by Google yet.

The first step was getting the site indexed and building some organic traffic. We did this by:

  • Submitting the sitemap to Google Search Console
  • Optimizing the website for key search engine ranking factors
  • Creating new content (both original and repurposed) to attract organic visitors

After just a few weeks, Archareer appeared in Google searches and started generating some organic traffic.

But we wanted to do more than get them indexed. We wanted to help them grow their traffic exponentially.

So we focused on two areas: content and link building.

We started by developing a content strategy targeting high-value keywords that job seekers would be searching for.

We created a mix of blog posts and other types of content that would be helpful for people looking for jobs in the architecture industry.

Then we went out and built links to this content from other websites. This helped increase the website’s authority and included major links from educational sites like the University of Massachusets Amherst and the California College of the Arts.

Throughout 2018 and 2019, Archareer’s organic traffic grew from 0 to 145,000 visitors.

And this growth had a significant impact on their business.

They went from having no job postings to attracting major firms like GGLO and Gensler. In total, they had over 100 job postings in their first year. Many original clients continue posting today as the site is entirely automated on the marketing front.

If you’re in a competitive industry and looking to grow your organic traffic, we can help. Contact us today to learn more about our services.

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